My recent foray into dressmaking has inspired me to put some words down on the subject.

I’ve always loved vintage clothes, but honestly, who has time to comb through rails and rails of clothing in vintage shops?  Sadly, that’s something I only get to do on odd occasions.  And I am already far too old for most high street fashion.  It’s all belly tops, neon colours and miniskirts – no, thank you.  What better way is there to get the clothes you want than to make them yourself?

I’m very new to dressmaking.  I started only three months ago when a couple of friends and I decided to sign up for a Dressmaking for Beginners course at Sunderland College.

There we are – the three mus-skirt-eers!  Left to right, Rachel, Rachael (yes, it does get confusing!) and myself.

A mere nine weeks later and presto, I had my very first handmade skirt – magical! And now, well, I just can’t get enough of sewing.  I’ve spent break times and lunch times browsing sewing blogs and websites, musing over fabrics and patterns, and planning future projects.  I’ve moved straight on to skirt number two and I’ve signed up to a weekly sewing bee at the Centre Front Studio in Wallsend.  Dan and Rory, the instructors, have been fantastic! They’ve turned three absolute beginners into expert (?) dressmakers in a matter of weeks.  Well, a couple of months really, but still…

In this blog, I’ll record my progress with dressmaking, starting from the very beginning.  I’ll try to take you through the ups and downs of learning to make your very own clothes.  My ups and downs, at least.  I’ll tell you about new things I’ve tried as I learn them, blog about stuff I think might be interesting, and of course, post pictures of anything I make (whether it’s a success or not).

And maybe I’ll persuade a few others to give this a try, too!


4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Well done on taking the plunge into the world of dressmaking! Your skirts are beautiful and I really like the fabrics you have chosen. I love vintage inspired clothes and I have recently used a 70’s duvet cover and turned it into a Mod dress. The possibilities are endless!


    1. Thank you! We’re all really enjoying this dressmaking lark. Just had a look at your blog – your Mod dress is brilliant! I can’t wait to get tucked into more projects and build up my fabric stash.


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