A spot of knitting

I’ve taken a bit of a break from sewing recently, partly because the dress I’m making is turning out to be a bit of a brain ache (and I’m absolutely incapable of continuing at home without Dan’s help!), and partly because I wanted to knit a baby blanket for my friends, Amy and Garry, who will be welcoming a baby boy over the next few weeks.  😀

I went for a very simple blanket (sometimes simple is best!), based on a baby blanket I had seen in the TV programme Once Upon a Time (Emma’s baby blanket).  I used a diagonal garter stitch, adding a stitch to each row as I went to make a square blanket.  I made the pattern up myself, which sounds very impressive until you realise how easy it is.  I used super chunky wool on 10mm needles, and ended up with 99 stitches before I started to decrease, but you could easily use a different weight of yarn and change your needle size accordingly.

The pictures aren’t great, I’m afraid.  They were taken in a mad rush on my mobile phone’s camera.

The pattern goes as follows:

Cast on 5 stitches

Row 1 – Knit 2, yarn over, knit to end

Repeat row 1 until you want to start decreasing

Next row – Knit 1, slip slip knit, yarn over, slip slip knit, knit to end

Repeat until you have 5 stitches

Cast off.

See?  Easy!  The yarn overs create holes, which you can then thread your ribbon through after you’ve finished knitting.  You can use whatever colours of ribbon or yarn you want.

I also have a jumper on the go, a pattern from Rowan’s Vintage Knits, which I got years ago.  This book has so many gorgeous patterns in it, I just want to knit them all.

photo (19)

This one will be well worth it when it’s finished, but it’s fiddly and Rowan Kidsilk Haze isn’t that easy to knit with.  I will keep you posted, but it may well take me a year to finish it!


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