Toadstool Brigitte dress

Over half term I’ve taken a much needed break from making the toile for my trousers.  Yes, I’m still making the toile!  I’ll get back to my trousers next week.  In the meantime, I’ve managed to make a dress!

I’ve wanted to make something out of toadstool fabric for ages — my hedgehog skirt was almost made out of toadstool fabric.  I found this lovely Shroomy Knit fabric by Monaluna and fell in love with it!

I chose Brigitte dress (which is free!) by Simple Sew because I thought the shape looked like it would work well with a jersey fabric.  I think it turned out okay!  It was my first time sewing with a jersey fabric, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it.  It is quite a sturdy jersey.  It isn’t too floppy or unruly, it’s easy to cut and it behaves itself whilst going through the sewing machine — all happy bonuses.  An easy project was just what I needed after battling with my trousers for a couple of weeks.

And easy it was.  I was able to skip putting a zip in the back because the fabric has enough stretch that I didn’t need to.  I skipped gathering the tops of the sleeves and decided to just sort of tuck the excess fabric instead.  I think it looks like a deliberate design feature, so it’s all good.  I also didn’t match the pattern. I figured out that if I didn’t pattern match is have loads of fabric to spare. More than enough for another project, so why not?  It had absolutely nothing to do with me trying to make thins even easier for myself — promise 😉  To make things even easier,  I probably could have cut the back piece on the fold (subtracting the seam allowance at the centre back, of course) and foregone the back seam, but I decided to stick to the pattern as much as possible (plus, I’m sure I saved a bit more fabric that way).  I’m sure it would have been easy enough though.  Maybe next time.

Having now worn this dress, I’m really angry at myself for forgetting to put a pocket anywhere in there.  Why, oh, why didn’t I put a pocket in?!  Clothes without pockets are silly.  But, I might take this opportunity to attempt a patch pocket — that’s something I haven’t done before.  Now I just need to decide whether to use some of my spare fabric or some contrast fabric, maybe red — decisions, decisions.