#SewingFrancoise – Last chance to vote

I was so excited to get to wear my Francoise at my work Christmas do!  Everyone had such a great time, and my night was made even more enjoyable by all the lovely compliments I got on my dress 😀  Thank you, Carol, for organising yet another fantastic party, this time at Bowburn Hall!

Here are some photos – taken after a three course meal, towards the end of the night, following a fair amount of dancing.*  So, I’m looking a little bit unkempt…

It’s your last chance to vote for your favourite dresses in Tilly and the Buttons’ #SewingFrancoise contest – voting closes at midnight tonight!  Head over to Tilly’s blog to cast your votes (and please choose meeeee!).


Thank you so much to everyone who has voted so far!

* Dancing + velvet = serious heat!  It was hot!  

#SewingFrancoise voting now open!

Guess what?!  I’ve been shortlisted in the #SewingFrancoise contest!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Tilly and Laura over at Tilly and the Buttons for shortlisting me – I can’t quite believe it!

FullSizeRender (3)

There are so many lovely dresses in the shortlist – it’s amazing how versatile one pattern can be.  It’s great to see everyone’s creations 😀  Massive well done to everyone who took part!

Hop over to Tilly’s blog to vote for your faves.

Now, I’m off to my sewing class to attempt to finish these blasted trousers I’ve been working on…


Along with lots of sewers, I’m entering Tilly Walnes’ #SewingFrancoise contest.  I didn’t leave myself much time to make my dress, but I flaming well did it!  I finished my Francoise.  Just in time.

And here she is!

Unfortunately, the photos are a bit grainy – a side effect of last minute, panicked, amateur photography!

I had to do a lot of fiddling with the pattern (my bust, waist and hips are each their very own size!), but Tilly, thankfully, has written some super-useful blogs on grading up and down (and all around!) – see her blog for all the information you could ever dream of.  I’m really pleased with the fit though, so all that fiddling about was well worth it 🙂

I made the version with sleeves, but instead of a collar I decided to add a lace ‘embellishment’ – nothing to do with making it easier, I promise 😉 The lace was a lucky find on eBay!  I’ll be keeping an eye out for similar things in the future.  What an easy way to transform a garment!

I used a lush, black velvet, which I found in a local craft store, Dainty Supplies – everyone in the North East will know where I mean).  I wanted to make a slightly ‘posher’ dress, in the hope that I could debut my Francoise at my work Christmas party on 19th December, and my mind fell on velvet.  Having never sewn with velvet before, I did a bit of research and scared myself a little bit silly.  But, it was actually a lot easier to cut and sew than I’d expected.  It was hard to press (most things I’d read pretty much said to not touch it with an iron!), which made the darts and hems quite challenging, but it wasn’t too traumatic.  The trauma came with the fluff.  Fluff!  Fluff everywhere!  The cleaning up wasn’t fun…

But I completed my challenge.  I have a party dress fit for my Christmas do!  And I’ll probably wear in on Christmas day.  And New Year’s Eve.  And every remotely fancy get together for the foreseeable future.  Mission accomplished!

Did anyone else take part in #SewingFrancoise?  What was yours like, please?