Just when you think things are coming along nicely, this happens!


This is the result of me getting too overexcited with a seam ripper  😦  Unfortunately it’s right on the centre front of my bodice.  You know that beautiful bodice pieces I made last week?  Yep?  The front is ruined!

Well, I’m being a bit dramatic – it is fixable, but I’m still really angry at myself.

Rather than starting the whole front bodice again (which, for a few horrifying moments, is exactly what I thought I’d have to do!) I’m just going to move it up a few millimetres to cover the hole.  This may not work with all patterns, but we had a go at pinning the waistband a bit higher to see how it looked, and we don’t think it will alter the look of the dress.  I’m just relieved that I managed to put a hole right on the seam line rather than in the middle of nowhere, otherwise I’d be doing lots of unpicking and more cutting out.  Thank goodness for a few millimetres of wiggle room.


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