A serious problem…

Just a very quick post today so I can make a shameful confession.  I bought fabric!

FullSizeRender (35)

That’s right.  Less than one week since I vowed not to buy more fabric, I have done just that.  I have a very serious problem!

In my defence, it really was too good an offer to resist.  I found these in Simply Fabrics.  They have a bargain bin, which is full of bolt ends and cut offs priced at only a pound per metre!  I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across these.  I got two silky, floaty fabrics, which I’ll probably use to make a couple of tops, and this gorgeous textured black stuff, which will probably be used for a skirt.  And the best thing?  The whole lot only cost me £3.50!  Absolute bargain!

I’m a bit annoyed that, in my excitement, I didn’t think to ask the shop owner what fabrics I’d actually bought, so I have no idea what they’re made of or anything, but they all feel lovely.  Maybe I’ll go in next week and ask.  Or maybe I won’t because that could be dangerous haha!

I popped into Simply Fabrics to ‘have a look’ around – all good intentions, honestly.  I’d been at a really exciting ‘Pattern Hack’ workshop at the Centre Front Studio, which is just across the road.  It was a ‘Copy Your Clothes’ workshop, so we got to take along clothes that we like the fit/style of and draft a pattern so we can recreate them.  How cool is that?  I learned a lot and came away with a new dress pattern, taken from a dress I love that has been getting more and more worn out.  It’s two half days, so I get to do it again on Saturday 🙂  It’s great fun!  I’ll write a post about it when I’ve had my second session and let you know which garments I’ve taken patterns from.

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