Eve’s skirt

I made a little skirt.  I’d been threatening to make something for my friend’s little girl (hi, Kate!) for ages and I finally got round to doing it last week 😀

It was sooooo easy – just rectangles sewn together in the right way and gathered back in with a bit of elastic.  🙂  I lined mine because the fabric I used is a tiny bit see through, but you’d only need one layer if you have a thick enough fabric.  It was basically two rectangles sewn down the side seams with the top folded over to make a channel for the elastic and the bottom hemmed.  Simple as that!  No pattern or anything – just a waist measurement, a length measurement and a bit of mathematics.  The skirt looks a little less flared than it actually is in these photos because I only have adult-sized coat hangers.  I had the stretch the elastic out to make the skirt fit on the hanger – it’s quite a bit more gathered at the waist in real life.  I used a decorative stitch on the bottom hem too, which I think looks quite cute.

It was a very quick project that has used up some fabric remnants I had left from other projects.  I got the Michael Miller Marionettes cotton (from Plush Addict) to make Colette’s Macaron dress – it’s 99% complete, but I realised I’d managed to insert a faulty zip, which now needs swapping when I pluck up the courage. The lining is a the cotton I used for my tutu.  I have some fabric left from my Quilting Bee dress, so I might make another little skirt.


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