Sailor-style jeans

A while back, one of my colleagues hosted a clothes sale at her house on behalf of her friend.  I came across this pair of sailor-style jeans, originally a Marks and Spencer creation.  They were a size too big for me, but to call them a bargain would be an understatement – they only cost me fifty pence!  So, for fifty pence, I thought I would cope with the being a bit big.  The trouble was I couldn’t cope with them being a bit big because they just didn’t sit right. After a quick look at how hard it would be to take them in a bit (quite tricky, it turned out!), I chucked them to the back of the wardrobe and forgot about them.  They resurfaced the other week and I decided I would finally sort them out.

I took them to my sewing bee and asked Dan what the best way to fix them would be.  A bit of um-ing and ah-ingand pinning later, we decided it was best to just take a wedge out of the back seam.  An hour and a half later and ta-da!  A wearable pair of trousers 😀

I forgot to get a before shot, sorry.

In the end, this wasn’t actually all that difficult.  Most of the time was used on unpicking the waistband (just at the back) and its facing.  Once I got to sewing it all back together again it was very quick.  And for fifty pence (and an hour or two of my time) I really can’t complain!

I’m still not entirely convinced this wide leg style is very flattering on me, but I’m going to wear them for a while and see how I warm to them.  I don’t really wear any trousers that aren’t skinny jeans, so I might just need some time to adjust.  Plus, I really love vintage-style, billowing trousers!

Between Delphine, Madeleine and these, I seem to be creating a rather nautical wardrobe!


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