Cressida skirt

Now that I’ve refashioned a pair of denim shorts instead of making some from scratch, I have been able to use my leftover denim to sew a skirt 🙂

At a bit of a squeeze, I had just enough fabric left to make a Cressida Skirt from Jennifer Lauren Vintage, which I’ve wanted to make for a while.  To save on fabric, I used a navy polka dot fabric from my stash for the facings and pockets.  This is becoming a bit of a habit for me anyway, but on this occasion, I don’t think I would have had enough of my main fabric not to.

It was a pleasure to sew!  The instructions were brilliant – so easy to follow.  The only part I got a tad confused over was the button bands, but I just trusted the instructions to get me through it and they did.  I made things a little easier for myself by not using a contrasting thread to do all of the topstitching.  There’s topstitching all around the placket and waistband and I knew any wobbly bits would stick out like a sore thumb (wherever that saying comes from – do sore thumbs stick out?), so I just used a thread I knew would blend in with the fabric.  Maybe I’ll pluck up the courage to do some contrasting topstitching next time, as I think it would look nice.  I’d spent the entire project dreading lining up the buttons with the buttonholes, but that part turned out to be alright – I managed to line them up first time, which I’m hoping wasn’t beginner’s luck.  The scariest bit was gashing the buttonholes open, knowing that one false move would ruin the entire skirt!  I didn’t ruin it though – phew.  I think I placed the top buttonhole (the horizontal one) a little close to the edge – I felt like the top button looked like it was wandering to one side, so I added a hook and bar to try to keep them more in alignment.  Next time, I will make sure the horizontal buttonhole is  a bit further in.

Speaking of next time, I will definitely make more of these!  I love it – I love the style and the way it hangs, I think I could wear it all year round, it has lots of buttons, and let’s not forget the all-important pockets (for sweets!).  There’s a different style I could try at some point that has two rows of buttons down the front!

Wouldn’t this skirt look lovely with a top made from this marvellous Girl Charlee fabric?  I won two metres of this in a giveaway over at ‘So, Zo, What Do You Know?’ to celebrate the launch of Girl Charlee’s UK and Europe branch.  I’d like to say a big thank you to Zoe and Girl Charlee for running the giveaway and for picking me as the winner!  I love the pattern (dachshunds!) and the fabric feels lovely and soft.  I can’t wait to get stitching!  Girl Charlee specialise in knit fabrics, so you should definitely check out their website.  I think I’ll make a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top, but I should have enough left to make something else as well.  At least, I hope I will.  😀

FullSizeRender (68)


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