Miette skirt

I think I’ve found an new favourite skirt pattern!  I know, I know – I say that every time.  But I mean it every time!  This time, I’m talking about Miette, from Tilly and the Buttons.  I love it!

This skirt was an absolute pleasure to sew!  It all went together very easily in one afternoon 🙂  I loved (loved, loved!) that there were no fiddly bits, like zips or buttonholes to grapple with – definitely a great pattern for a beginner.  It’s a wrap skirt – don’t worry, there’s no danger of flashing anyone, or at least, I haven’t done it yet…  It’s secured at the front with a bow with the help of a handy opening on the right side of the waistband, with the wrap at the back which I thought was quite unusual.  Unusual in a good way 🙂  I wondered whether the tie would be secure enough, but it’s been absolutely fine.  I’ve never been in danger of losing my skirt (imagine!).  If anyone has any tips on how to tie a nice bow instead of this clumsy thing I’ve come up with that’d be great!  I made the version with pockets (who wouldn’t?!), and never one to miss an opportunity to add a nautical touch I faced them with a contrasting anchor fabric from my stash.  Other than that, the only change I made to the pattern was to shorten it, because I only have little legs.  Tilly’s instructions are always great so I never feel the need to deviate away from them.

I actually got the fabric for this from Plush Addict months ago.  It’s a cotton drill – I don’t think the one I got is listed anymore, but there are lots of colours (and patterns!) available.  I put off making it for a long while because I wasn’t always convinced I would like this skirt.  On me, I mean – I’ve always loved it on other people.  I’m quite hippy so I was worried the exaggerated A line of Miette would make my bum look big, that the bow would look unflattering right on the front of my tummy, or that the brilliantly ginormous pockets would add too much bulk on my belly.  I spent a great deal of time wondering whether I was wasting my time making it.  As it turns out, I’m really pleasantly surprised at how it looks.  I’m pleased because it would have been such a shame to have a perfectly pleasant sewing experience tainted.  I love the look of it and I’ve worn it a lot.  I’ll definitely make more 😀

P.S.  Should I be worried about how ghostly pale I look in that first photograph?  I think I’ve reached a stage of paleness where my skin just reflects sunlight!


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