Aisling jumper

Good news, everyone – it’s autumn!  That means woolly jumper weather is upon us!  And that means I get to wear this beautiful jumper I knitted 😀

I’ve been working on this jumper for ages, so I’m really proud of myself for finally finishing it, especially since it’s the first wearable item of clothing I’ve ever knitted.  Until now, I’ve only ever made scarves and hats and things (and one completely failed attempt at a jumper!).  But this one looks okay, I think!

It’s the Aisling jumper from the Rowan Fazed Tweed pattern book.  It’s a really nice book – I want to have a go at making a few of the other jumpers from it when I get the chance.  The wool is so lovely and soft!  I got the book and yarn from the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate last November.  The pattern was really easy to follow, and it knitted up quite quickly, but by the time I’d almost finished it winter was on its way out, so I put it down for a while.  However, in a recent attempt to get through at least some of my works in progress, I was inspired to finish it.  And now it’s ready for me to wear this winter!  I shouldn’t have to wait long for that in good, old England, should I?

I’ve been wanting to knit myself some clothes for a while, so I’m glad I’ve got the ball rolling on that.  And I’ve already started my next jumper 😀


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