Did anyone else take part in the Refashioners 2015?  I did, although I’m a month late in blogging about it.

The second I read about this on Portia Lawrie’s blog (the Makery), I was hooked on the idea.  I’m getting really into the idea of refashioning things, customising, hacking things apart and making something new – basically, making stuff last longer!  We live in a society that seems to have adopted an almost disposable attitude towards clothes, which seems incredibly wasteful to me.  Whatever happened to make do and mend?  It’s brilliant that Portia is trying to bring that back, and it was great to see so many sewists offering up lovely prizes for encouragement.

I loved seeing the wide variety of creations – I can’t believe what some people got out of one shirt.  Such amazing transformations! Some people are so clever.  I went for a more humble transformation myself – a loose fitting shirt dress with an elasticated waste and lace trim.  My shirt was only £3.50 from a charity shop and started out as size XXXL.  I really enjoyed turning into something new and I’m already looking forward to Refashioners 2016 😀


3 thoughts on “#therefashioners2015

  1. I wanted to take part in the refashioners but it came at a bad time for me. I agree some of the creations were amazing and left me wondering how they managed to get all that out of shirt. I really like your dress, there’s something romantic about it with the lace trim.


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