Harry Potter Christmas decorations

My friend, Kate, appreciates Harry Potter almost as much as I do (almost).  I saw a set of cushions a while back (I forget where) and thought I could use felt to make a similar set of Christmas decorations.  And so, Harry, Ron and Hermione were born.

They’re all hand stitched with different details.  For example, I used chain stitch to make Hermione’s hair look curly, and taught myself French knots to make each character’s eyes an Ron’s freckles.  I’ve never been able to get my head around French knots before, so I’m massively proud of myself.  I wanted each character to have distinctive details – Ron got his freckles, Hermione got eyelashes and curly hair, and Harry, of course, got his glasses and lightening scar.

I love these!  I may need to make a set for myself.  And maybe every other Harry Potter fan I know 😀


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