Scrabble artwork

This Christmas present wasn’t a sewing project, but it’s too nice not to share.  I made this for my in-laws – my mother-in-law has been researching their family trees recently, so it seemed like the perfect idea.  It has on it the names of my in-laws, their children and their partners, their granddaughter and the family dog (who is obviously just as important as everyone else).

The most time-consuming part of this project was figuring out where all the names would go.  There are a couple of websites that will figure this out for you, but I became obsessed with making sure that everyone who ‘belongs together’ were linked.  There was no way for me to communicate who I wanted to be linked on the websites, so I got my Scrabble board out and sat four hours (seriously, it was hours) and figured it out myself.  And so, Anthony and I are linked, Anthony’s parents are together, and so on.

After finalising the layout, the rest was actually pretty easy.  I figured out which tiles I needed and ordered them – you can get them from all sorts of places, but I got mine from a seller on Amazon.  I chose wooden tiles because I prefer the look of them, but you can also get plastic ones.  I stuck my tiles onto hessian using a hot glue gun, taking care to keep the names as straight as possible.  Every now and then the glue did go through the hessian and stuck to my craft mat underneath, so if you’re going to have a go at this yourself make sure you do it on a suitable surface.  You could also use patterned paper or fabric for the background if you’re not keen on hessian.  Once I had everything stuck in place it was just a case of finding a frame.  I went for a black 12″ x 12″ shadow box frame because I thought the letters on the tiles would pop more in a black frame.

And ta-da!  A family tree artwork ready to take pride of place.

Scrabble tiles – who knew, right?!


2 thoughts on “Scrabble artwork

    1. Thanks ☺️ I loved this project. I got my tiles from a seller in Amazon. I think I hyperlinked it somewhere in the blog, but if it doesn’t work let me know and I’ll dig out the details again. There were loads of different sellers though. You could get plastic or wooden ones, and sometimes you got the choice of buying a whole set or choosing your own letters (I chose my own). Lots of people seem to sell them on eBay as well.


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