Scrabble Tree Decorations

I have just one more handmade Christmas gift to share with you, and it’s more Scrabble tile magic 🙂

These are sooooo easy!  In fact, I may have to make loads more for next year.  I simply stuck my tiles to their paper backing using a hot glue gun, but I’m sure some other glues would work.  I made sure to get small amounts of glue between each tile.  Not too much, because then it all squirts out of the top, but enough that the tiles were no longer ‘flopping around’ on the paper (some very technical terminology going on here).

Funny story about these decorations.  Our friends – the very Rachel and Paul these decorations were destined for – also ended up making us some of these!  Instead of names, they used Christmassy words and attached their decorations to cards to make Christmas cards.  Genius idea – I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably steal it at some point.  We got ‘donkey’ because both Anthony and I love donkeys (especially Anthony – they’re his favourite animal).  So, yeah, we did a Scrabble tile decoration swap.  But it worked out really well because none of us had thought to make decorations of our own.  D’oh 😉

FullSizeRender (88)

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