Simple Sleeveless Top

I made this top months ago to take on holiday, but I’m only just getting around to sharing it with you.  It’s the Simple Sleeveless Top from Lauren Guthrie’s book (Learn to Sew with Lauren).

If I’m being honest I’m not completely happy with this top.  It has nothing to do with the pattern or the instructions, which were both great.  Here’s the thing – I hate bias binding.  People say bias binding is easy.  I emphatically (but most respectfully) disagree.  I understand it and I know what to do, but I just cannot get it looking neat and even.  Something happens in the sewing process and it results in a big mess.  You may notice that eventually I abandoned all attempts at sewing the bias binding ‘properly’ (I mean, who says what ‘properly’ is anyway?) and  used it all as a facing instead.  Lauren does suggest this as an alternative way of finishing the neckline in the book, but I ended up doing it on the armholes as well.  I did try to do it ‘right’, but it just looked awful.  I mean, doing it this way has turned out okay, but I think it has altered the shape of the top slightly.  When I make it again, I’ll probably just draft a proper facing to avoid another fight with bias binding.  If anyone else hates bias binding as much as I do, I’d love to hear about it, as I think I’m in an extreme minority.

Anyway, despite how I’m making it sound, I do like the top.  I love the fabric, which is the Sevenberry Daisy grey cotton lawn from Guthrie and Ghani.  I love daisies 🙂  And I don’t know if you can tell, but I managed to get a row of daisies lined up perfectly along the hem.  Little things.

Funny thing about this top – while I was making it, a friend of mine was making the exact same top in the exact same fabric.  Neither of us knew we were both making the same thing until we’d finished.  It was like a bit of psychic synchronised sewing!  Spooky…  And hers looks much better than mine!


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