Rainbow cushion

I shared my knitted Milla Mia Elk Cushion with you a while back, and now I’m showing off my latest crochet project – another cushion.

It’s a granny square cushion.  I heart granny squares.  I learned to make these solid granny squares at a workshop at Woolaballoo in Hexham.  All the yarn and materials were included in the price of the workshop.  We followed the instructions for the solid granny square on the Attic24 blog, and instructions for constructing and finishing the cushion are here.

Once I’d go the hang of the pattern, each square was only taking me a few minutes to crochet.  I was really strict with myself and made sure that I sewed each square onto the cushion as soon as I’d finished.  I knew if I let them build up I’d end up with a bag full of granny squares in a corner for months (possibly even years).

I won’t lie, I did hit a wall part way through this cushion – was there no end to the squares?!  63 squares in total.  About half way through, boredom hit, but I knew that once I was onto the home straight my interest would pique again and I’d get excited to finish it.  It was worth it!  It matches the colours on my sofa cushions perfectly and it’s now sitting pretty in its new home 😀

I think I’ll take a break from cushions now – how many could I possibly need…?


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