A belated happy new year to all!  Who starts their resolutions on January 1st anyway?

Did anyone make any sewing-related resolutions this year?  Mine is to keep on top of my repairs/refashions pile.  There is a shelf in my wardrobe full (full) of garments with tiny imperfections – missing buttons, small splits in seams, skirts/trousers to shorten, and so on.  I’ve decided it’s about time I did something about it.  There is nothing wrong with any of these clothes that can’t be fixed.  So last week, I got to work.  I started with some very simple button replacements.

Shamefully, I don’t think this dress has been worn for over a year.  It needed all eleven buttons replacing – I used up the spare button almost as soon as I’d bought it and I think it had lost about three more after that.  Luckily, I got loads of buttons for Christmas 🙂  Including 12 of these wooden red ones, which were perfect.  It probably took me about an hour to replace them.  Aren’t the red buttons so much nicer than the original bronze ones?  It just goes to show how much simple things can change a garment.  I also fixed a corduroy skirt that had simply lost one button (actually, its only button!).  I know – how lazy am I to have put that off for so long?  It took me less than five minutes.  Anyway, two items of clothing have made it back into the ‘wearable’ section of my wardrobe.

As well as working my way through my repair pile, I’ve been trying not to buy new clothes.  This wasn’t a new year’s resolution – it was just something I decided a while back (September-ish).  It came from watching a documentary called the True Cost, which looked at all sorts of aspects of ‘fast fashion’.  Now I won’t go into how horrifying this programme was – you can always watch it yourselves if you want to – but it really made me sit back and think.  I do not need any more clothes and when I do need some I am (in theory) capable of making my own.  I swore off store-bought clothes.  I’ve done a bit of research and there are a few shops I’d still feel comfortable spending my money in, which is lucky for me since I’m unable to make tights or underwear.  And of course, I will still have to buy shoes 🙂  I haven’t bought any new clothes since I saw this documentary.  I’ve bought a couple of things from charity shops and that’s all.  I’ve initiated a make do and mend approach and so far I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything (though I am starting to worry about a severe cardigan shortage – must get knitting!).  Let’s see how long I can keep this up!


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