Vianne Cardigan

Remember that bargain wool I mentioned a while back? It became a lovely cardigan 🙂  I’m very impressed with myself, and I’ve already worn it so much.

The pattern: the Vianne Cardigan from Untangling Knots. I must confess, I had not initially noticed the back of the cardigan, so that came as a bit of a shock when I came to start knitting. I’d purchased the pattern on a smartphone and couldn’t see how intricate it was. Having said that, it was still a great pattern to follow — the instructions are fab, it’s just that I ended up having to count a lot more than I’d thought.

Modifications: none at all.  I’m just not a skilled enough knitter to be deviating away from a pattern like this.

The cost: the pattern was about £4.50, once converted from US dollars to pounds.  I only ended up using five balls of wool, at £1 per ball. That’s a grand total of £9.50. Can’t complain about that at all.  The buttons were from my stash — I picked them up when I raided a family member’s stash a while back.

I’m so pleased with this knit that I’ve already lined up Anouk 🙂  I just need to find some nice yarn.

Me-Made-May Round Up

How amazing was Me-Made-May?  I loved seeing everyone’s makes and I’m more determined than ever to get myself to the me-made everyday stage 🙂

I vowed to wear three me-made or refashioned items per week throughout May, which I decided was 14 or 15 days out of 31.  I’m happy to say I beat my target!  I wore 16 different me-made garments in total, but I did get a second wear out of some of them too, so I think I spent two thirds of May in self-made clothing.  How cool is that?  Here’s a round up from my Instagram.


Clockwise from the top left to the centre, the patterns are: Coco, Darling Ranges Shirt, the Makery Pyjamas (I don’t think the pattern is available to buy, I’m afraid – it came free with a magazine), Agnes and my refashioned sailor jeans, Miette, Silk Cami, hand-knitted socks (gifted to me by a friend), Silk Cami again, refashioned dress, Madeleine, Attic 24 Cosy Stripe blanket, Lauren Guthrie’s Simple Sleeveless Top (from her book, Learn to Sew with Lauren), Vianne, Cressida, refashioned 70s mini, and my Quilting Bee dress.  Phew!

Huge thanks are in order for Zoe over at So, Zo…  for organising Me-Made-May once again!  What I love about it is that there’s absolutely no pressure.  You set your own goal that is attainable for you, whether it’s wearing one handmade garment a week or one every day.  So thank you, Zoe, for making my May much more interesting!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and I’ll see you there again next year!  🙂