Vianne Cardigan

Remember that bargain wool I mentioned a while back? It became a lovely cardigan 🙂  I’m very impressed with myself, and I’ve already worn it so much.

The pattern: the Vianne Cardigan from Untangling Knots. I must confess, I had not initially noticed the back of the cardigan, so that came as a bit of a shock when I came to start knitting. I’d purchased the pattern on a smartphone and couldn’t see how intricate it was. Having said that, it was still a great pattern to follow — the instructions are fab, it’s just that I ended up having to count a lot more than I’d thought.

Modifications: none at all.  I’m just not a skilled enough knitter to be deviating away from a pattern like this.

The cost: the pattern was about £4.50, once converted from US dollars to pounds.  I only ended up using five balls of wool, at £1 per ball. That’s a grand total of £9.50. Can’t complain about that at all.  The buttons were from my stash — I picked them up when I raided a family member’s stash a while back.

I’m so pleased with this knit that I’ve already lined up Anouk 🙂  I just need to find some nice yarn.


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