Refashioned Agnes Top

A few weeks ago, my husband was sorting through some of his clothes.  My eager eye spotted a striped blue t-shirt destined for the charity bag.  It was barely worn – Anthony got it a couple of years ago and simply didn’t like the fit of it – so I snaffled the nearly new top away to refashion later on.  And here’s what I came up with!

Not bad, eh?  A nice Breton top that I can wear casually with jeans (as above) or tucked in to skirts if I want to jazz it up a bit more 🙂  More importantly, I’ve given a new lease of life to an unwanted item 🙂  This was a men’s ‘slim fit’ size large before I got my hands on it.  I had enough fabric for all the pattern pieces except the neckline binding, so I grabbed another white t-shift from the aforementioned charity pile and cut it from that instead (and I’ve added the rest of that white jersey to my stash, as I’m sure it will come in useful).

The pattern: Tilly and the Buttons’ Agnes.  I’ve made this before and loved it, and I love this one too 🙂  I haven’t got enough praise for this pattern!  It comes together so easily and it’s a wardrobe staple, isn’t it?  Everyone needs some simple jersey tops.  I made the fully plain version, no ruffles or anything – it might take a little longer to sew if you’re adding those bits.

Modifications:  only that I re-used the hems on the sleeves and at the bottom to save even more time.

The cost: 100% free!  I already had the pattern and everything else was refashioned.  Score!  🙂


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