#OWOP16 – Bettine no. 6

On to my sixth Bettine, which is sadly a bit of an epic fail 😦  I decided to try a hack, but it hasn’t turned out like I’d hoped.

The fabric: a lovely viscose from the Textile Centre.  They have it in another colour too.  I’m so gutted that this top isn’t as wearable as I’d ideally like because I love the fabric.  I might even buy some more and have another go.

The pattern: an unsuccessful hack of Bettine, from Tilly and the Buttons.

Modifications: this is where it all went wrong.  Firstly, I made the rookie mistake of not checking I had enough fabric to get both the front and back bodice pieces out of it.  Well, in my defense, if the pattern on the fabric wasn’t directional I would have had enough, but it was directional and I didn’t check and then all of the pieces didn’t fit.  I ended up having to chop a load of the length off the sleeves.  Then, all the alterations I made to the pattern turned out to be wrong.  I lengthened it – makes sense, right?  I thought that because Bettine is loose fitting that would be enough and I wouldn’t need to grade it out at the hips.  Wrong.  Unless you have extremely narrow hips (good for you, if you do), you will need to grade this pattern out at the hip.  Now that I’ve had this horrifying realisation (which I only had when I tried the top on for the first time – wah!) it makes perfect sense.  It also means that I wasted copious amounts of time painstakingly hemming the high-low hem I drafted.  Ho-hum.  It’s too snug at my hips is the crux of it, but I’ll probably be able to wear it under skirts.  Silver linings.  And I’ll definitely have another go at this, because I think it could be really good if I ever manage to get it right.

The cost: just the fabric, which cost £3.99.  So at least my epic fail didn’t cost an epic amount of money.


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