Sew My Style – May

More Sew My Style catch up today, with my May make 🙂

The jury is still out on this skirt.  I like it, I’m just not sure I like it a lot.  I’ve been wearing it, so it can’t be that bad.  I’m wondering whether my fabric choice wasn’t quite right, or whether I would prefer it to be a little longer…?  There’s something that isn’t quite right anyway.  I have some more fabric to try it again, see if I can fathom it out.  I’m quite pleased with my topstitching though, and of course, the ginormous pockets.

The fabric
A light-ish weight denim.  As I said, I’m wondering whether this is perhaps a little too heavy for this skirt.

The pattern
The Basics Pocket Skirt from Cali Faye Collection.  I must admit, I found the pattern a little over-complicated in places, so I kind of did my own thing a lot.  The instructions were very clear, I just decided not to follow them.  The really great thing about this pattern is that it uses barely any fabric – less than a metre for my size, for sure.

I omitted the elastic step and opted to redraft my back waistband piece to be more fitted and gather the back skirt piece more fully.  I then inserted a concealed zip into my left side seam.  I just thought the way the elastic was added seemed a bit faffy and I don’t think the finish would have necessarily looked any better.  Maybe I’m wrong – maybe that’s what’s up with my skirt!

Take a look at the finished garment measurements before tracing and cutting.  I ended up cutting about two sizes smaller than recommended because there is a lot of ease.

The cost
The fabric was free!  My lovely sister gave it to me.  The pattern was about £9 with the Sew My Style discount and I had to spend a couple of quid on a zip.  Just over a tenner for a skirt isn’t half bad!

Sew My Style – April

I know what you’re thinking.  Maybe it’s a bit late to be posting about an April make?  That may be true, but I have a confession – I didn’t actually finish this in April.  I finished it much later than that, and now I’m playing catch up.

So far, I’ve shared my Toaster sweater, Saunio cardigan and Virginia leggings with you, and April’s Sew My Style pattern pick was the Bridgetown dress from Sew House Seven.

I love this dress and I was pleasantly surprised to find it suited me a bit more than I thought it would (though I did size down a lot).  I love the backless design, although, a couple of people on Instagram pointed out that it is reversible!  I was worried that the sleeves may have had a tendency to slide off my shoulders and that I might end up with ‘flashing issues’ (Bridget Jones, anyone?), but I have found that they behave themselves quite well actually.

The fabric
This was the most challenging bit – working with a super slippery viscose.  It’s beautiful and so, so soft, but it’s a slippery little sucker.  I got this from Sewisfaction, my new favourite place!  I so wish I lived in that neck of the woods so I could visit.

The pattern
Bridgetown, by Sew House Seven.  The instructions were easy to follow and this was a surprisingly easy make.  There are no fastenings or zips, no darts or shaping – just the elastic working its magic.  You even only have to hem the skirt because of the way the sleeve is designed.  I made no modifications whatsoever.

The cost
The fabric was £24, but I got 3 metres because I managed to get confused about how much fabric I needed.  I have absolutely loads left – enough for a top for sure.  And the pattern was around £9 with Sew My Style discount.  £33 in total.