Sew My Style – June

Ever make something a little out of your comfort zone, only to discover you actually kind of love it?  That’s what happened here, at the halfway mark for Sew My Style.  That’s what I’m loving about Sew My Style – it’s encouraging me to try things I never thought I would – a bit of experimentation never hurt anyone!  I first wore this to Friendsfest – I bought my sister tickets for her birthday.  She had no idea, it was a complete surprise, and it was a really fun day out.

The fabric
I white and turquoise ‘scribble’ stripe jersey from the Textile Centre.  This fabric is lovely – super-soft and drapy – but my sewing machine and overlocker both hated it.  It didn’t seem to matter what I tried – they just kept either trying to eat it or skipping a load of stitches.  After much faffing about, I finally found a setting on my sewing machine that would allow me to get it done.  Very slowly.

The pattern
The Briar Tee from Megan Nielsen.  Megan’s patterns are always so easy to follow, and I think the fit is usually realistic and good – no insane amounts of ease, just the right amount.  Bonus – this was a super-speedy sew.  I think it probably took me around 90 minutes once I’d sorted out my machine issues, and that was sewing at a snail’s pace.  I left making this until far too late, so I decided to make the cropped version as a time saver – out of my comfort zone, as I mentioned, but I dare say I like it! I’m not sure how often I’ll be brave enough to wear it without a vest underneath, but I will wear it.  I really like the fit, so I’d like to make the classic tee at some point.  It’s far too long for me at the back though, so I will need to re-draft it.

The cost
The fabric was a total bargain in the sale at £2.99 per metre.  I got 2 metres, but have absolutely loads left.  The pattern was about £7.20 with the Sew My Style discount.  Around £13 in total.

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