Anniversary Cross Stitch

I’ve been cross stitching again.  It seems wedding/anniversary cross stitches are becoming a ‘thing’ for me.  I did the Mario cross stitch last year, and here’s another.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law got married in the Big Apple last year, so I thought it might be nice to get them a New York themed anniversary gift.  I quite like this one, but so do Charlotte and Craig and that’s the important thing 😀

The pattern: from HappyStitches4You on Etsy.  You can find it here and it will tell you what you need.

Modifications: I used different colours for most of it and left the New York text off the bottom, opting for the date of the wedding instead.

The cost: I’m keeping quiet on this one, as it was a gift 😉

That’s all for today, guys – just a quickie.  Keep smiling and I’ll catch you again soon!  🙂

Mario Art

Hello 🙂

Just a quick, long overdue post to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. Fear not! I’ve just been incredibly busy recently.

I thought I’d show off a finished project. It’s not clothes but it did involve a needle and thread. It’s a cross stitch! I made this for my brother and sister-in-law as a wedding gift, and last week, over a year late (!!!), I finally got round to giving it to them. They’re both avid gamers so it was perfect for them. The pattern came from a shop on Etsy, called Happy Cupcake Creations.

I don’t cross stitch often, mostly because it’s very time consuming and I’m not patient enough, but I’m quite happy with this. And more importantly, Michael and Lianne like it too! 😀

What else have I been up to? I’ve been finishing my Colette Macaron dress — see my Love-Hate Relationship and Oops! blog posts for a few more details on that. It is finished, but… the zip is faulty, and unfortunately I didn’t realise until I’d already completed the whole darn thing. Oh, it was expletive central when I realised, I’m sure you understand. Anyway, once I’ve sorted that out I’ll share it with you. As well as that, I finished a pair of trousers I’ve been making since September. I don’t think I’ve blogged about these at all yet, but there will be a blog about them soon.  I used Colette’s Juniper pattern. I’ve also been busy making a skirt for Simplicity’s Star Sewist competition — how exciting! I’m entering under the Newcomer category. I have a skirt to finish and a blog to write, all before 31st May — eak!

That’s all for now, folks. Keep smiling and watch this space for blogs on all of the above 🙂

P.S. Sorry about the quality of these pictures — it’s sooooo difficult to get photos of a photo frame without lots of glare or reflection. I wish I’d thought to get some before I framed it.