Cosy Stripe Blanket

I think this blanket has made a couple of cameo appearances on my blog now.  Then again, I have been working on it for years.  Literally.  Years.  I think (it was so long ago that I can’t even remember!) I bought the blanket kit in 2014 sometime, so it’s been at least two years.

It’s been a bit of a love-hate relationship.  Well, mostly hate.  I like crocheting, but not as much as I like knitting.  Mind you, I bet if I’d knitted a blanket this big I’d have been ripping my hair out just as much with that.  Let’s take a look at some photos before I tell you the whole sorry tale.

I got off to a rocky start with this one.  I crocheted about a foot before deciding my tension was off, so that got unraveled, I sorted out my tension and started again.  Then, I had a bit of an episode at the start of summer (2015, I’m guessing) when I got far too hot while I was working on it and thought I was actually going to faint (dramatic!), so it got pushed to one side until winter had come back around.  Then, after I’d picked it back up again, I did about another foot before realising that I was doing it wrong and my blanket was starting to lean to one side.  This is what happens when you put something down for too long – you forget what you’re meant to be doing.  Anyway, I figured out what I was doing wrong and decided I’d have to cope with having a slightly wonky blanket (a design feature!) rather than unravel a load of it again.  And then it sat in a corner waiting for its border for months.  Phew – it’s been quite the journey for us!  Anyway, fiiiniiished!  I finished it just in time to take it glamping 🙂  My friend and I (hi, Becky!) went to a wigwam to celebrate my 30th (yep, I’m old now) and I had to take this with me, right?  Worth all the effort, don’t you think?

The pattern
The pattern came in a series of blog posts over on Attic 24.  You can find all the posts here – scroll towards the bottom of the post for them.  You could, of course use your own colours, or use as many or as few colours as you want.  If you’re new to crochet though, I would maybe start with a cushion – this might put you off for life.

The yarn
I got all the yarn I needed in a kit from Woolaballoo.  If you live in the North East I would strongly recommend a visit – so many beautiful yarns.  They’ve since stopped doing these kits and focus solely on British yarns made from natural fibres, but you’ll find the Stylecraft Special DK almost anywhere.  And you could, of course, use a different yarn, but bear in mind you may need more or less of it (probably more).

The cost
I can’t even remember now.  I think it was about £25 for the kit.  £25 and a lot of time!

P.S.  Glamping is my new favourite thing!  It has all the best bits of camping – cooking over fire, being out in the wilderness etc. – with the added comforts that proper camping just can’t guarantee you, such as warmth and a comfortable bed.  We went to a lovely place in North Yorkshire called Humble Bee Farm.  It’s not far from Scarborough and Filey, and there were some nice walks around the camp site.  They have some animals on site as well, which is nice.  We had a great time!  Turns out we’re not too bad at the cooking over fire thing – we kept ourselves well fed for the weekend anyway.  And once the fire was going it was warm enough to sit outside, even in January.  I dare say I could quite happily live in a wigwam 🙂

The Windmill

A few weeks ago we stayed in a windmill for my friend Helen’s hen weekend. A windmill. A windmill! 😀 😀 😀 Lots of fun was had.  The windmill is in Crosby, and it is amazing! I could quite fancy myself living in one. I would highly recommend a stay, especially if you’re in a large group. You can find all the details here, and we got some photos.

There was loads of relaxing downtime – pampering, champagne, food, the seaside… Aaah, that’s the life.

And there was lots of hilarious silliness. Surprise Doctor Who party, anyone? Including the most amazing surprise TARDIS costume for Helen, who looked a-maze-ing! And we have to give a shout out to Cat, who spent all night in that Dalek costume.  And of course, there was obligatory game-playing. SingStar, and Cards Against Humanity (not for the faint of heart!).

We even had some time to get a bit creative. We made bracelets, painted shot glasses, made a Pin the ‘Tache on the Darrin game (Darrin is the groom, and he has a spectacular moustache!), and I found time to do a bit of my Attic 24 Cosy Stripe blanket.  I didn’t do any sewing (obviously), but Rachel and I did coincidentally take identical PJs.  Well, not identical, but we used the same pattern to make them – the Margot PJs pattern from Tilly Walnes’ Love at First Stitch.

So much fun in a really lovely setting! Exactly my kind of hen weekend.  Thanks to all involved for such a fun time 😀

And next week, Helen and Darrin will be married!  Huge congratulations to you both, we’re over the moon for you!