A glutton for buttons

Whilst visiting family this weekend, I was presented with a large biscuit tin filled to the brim with buttons and told to help myself to whatever I wanted!  How exciting is that?  I mean, everyone loves buttons, right? *

Of course, I was straight in there, tipping the contents out, rummaging, sorting, squirrelling.  I commandeered the dining room table for a good couple of hours.

I managed to restrain myself quite well and only came away with a small selection for myself.  I’m really pleased with my haul, and can’t wait to upcycle my new old buttons and put to use once more!  I came away with entire sets of some buttons.  Some of them are probably old enough to be called ‘vintage’.  Just look at how beautiful some of them are!

photo (17)

I certainly know where to go first whenever I need buttons.

Ooh, and while we’re talking of buttons, did I ever show off the cute anchor buttons on my Madeleine skirt?


I got them from Textile Garden, who stock every button you could ever dream of.  It’s the little details like this that make sewing so fun!

* Actually, I know that to be wrong.  I have a friend who is scared of buttons, and apparently she’s not alone in suffering this tragic affliction!  Can you imagine?  My research tells me that if you have a fear of buttons, you have – prepare yourselves, now – koumpounophobia.  Rumour has it that Steve Jobs’ fear of buttons was so severe that it led to the invention of the small object we now call the iPhone (other smartphones are available!).  Don’t believe me?   Look it up and amaze yourselves.  😀